Barangaroo marine biodiversity project


This marine habitat intervention project at Barangaroo is the culmination of years of research by Dr Katherine Dafforn and Dr Mariana Mayer Pinto and colleagues from the Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS). It is has been funded under various government grants received by SIMS together with a financial commitment from Lendlease.

The project is part of the Sydney Harbour Research Program led by SIMS – key research to explore, enhance and restore the diverse species and habitats within Sydney harbour.  The project will deliver scientific data to help policy makers, stakeholders and the public understand Sydney Harbour.

SEAO2 designed the underwater structures that will support innovative concrete tiles, mimicking features commonly found in natural underwater habitat.  SEAO2 will manage the construction, assembly and installation of the underwater habitat structures in conjunction with SMC Marine.

Installation was completed November 2020.

The project was featured on ABC News in Dec 2020; article and video (@ 13min)

An updated dive video courtesy of SIMS scientist Aria Lee